Avishai’s work as a sound healer is truly exceptional. He is able to expertly combine both an amazing musical talent with a deep understanding of the therapeutic nature of sound and vibration.

I have experienced personal transformation with Avishai’s work and have been so impressed and convinced of this as a therapeutic modality that we have introduced Avishai’s sound healing as a prescribed therapy in our integrative medical clinics both in Mullumbimby and in Byron Bay.

I am also convinced that his work has along lasting benefit on a persons well-being and am looking forward to doing ongoing research in collaboration with Avishai to explore this hypothesis.
- Dr Oscar Serrallach Mullumbimby Integrative Medical Centre

Thanks for a unique experience. I've never had a singing bowl played on my belly before, and I loved it so much! Also, I have been playing your CD at home. It transports people on my massage table, and bathes our home in healing and relaxation energies. Thank you for your significant contribution to health and healing on our planet!      
- Sally Martin

I found the sound meditation a very relaxing and restorative experience. I sank into a really deep meditation. The sound of the chimes was just beautiful.
- Mim Bartlet

I arrived without specific expectations, and my experience was so much more deep than that. In the end, when I opened my eyes and I got up, I felt longer, more flexible and more relaxed. Everything and everyone also seemed more beautiful. What fun! 
- Tamar Rozin

I pride myself on being well-spoken but I cannot still not articulate the experience I had. I have several back injuries that are quite chronic since childhood and I felt my bones adjust itself from you placing a bowl on my stomach. Spiritually and metaphysically I found the intention you asked us to bring arise in a very organic way and I cannot thank you enough. I hope to one day come to Byron and do some one on ones with you.
- Jonathon Brian

I came to your Soundshower following a very busy and intense week, my mind was very occupied and busy. Also I was suffering some pain in my neck. Following the session I am feeling cleansed and focused. All that surfaced during the session feels like it has been released. I am back at my own centre. My neck is feeling released. Thank you for the healing shower that helped start the new week empowered.
- Edna Dafna Kaneya

I attended Saturday's Soundshower at Body Mind Life Surry Hills, and that one hour of absorbing, receiving and vibrating to the sound energy field created by musical instrument transformed my mind body and soul. Incredible. Profound. Transcendental. Out-of-this-world experience. 

As you took us on the sound journey, all the stress, worries and negative energy/sensations/vibrations held by my body slowly released and melted away...I felt my body
twitching/jerking in certain areas (areas where tension is held). My neck, shoulders and back which normally cause me grief and most tension, felt instantly lighter and free. 

It is like I tapped into higher frequency of consciousness through healing sounds...true sense of peace and calm and grounding took over me. 

If only I could experience the Soundshower every morning, along with my yoga/meditation practice, I would heal myself in no time. Also, in the few days that followed, my energy field continued to vibrate to the sound vibrations played by you on sat night. The attunement and alignment lingers.
Janette Chung

Just wanted to say what a beautiful & healing experience the Soundshower was for me. So potent & deeply cleansing for my emotional body. I had deep insights about my life & received very empowering affirmations to assist in my healing.
- Kate Little

I attended my very first Soundshower session with Avishai and was completely blown away. I experienced a mixture of feelings which included relaxation, meditation, positive energy flow and letting go. It was such a positive experience that I booked in a private session which was even more amazing with overwhelming results. For years now I have struggled with Chronic Fatigue and Insomnia and had relied on medication to help me sleep, however since I purchased his cd, "Soundshower" I listen to it every night to help me unwind and drift into a relaxed, mediative state. I no longer need the medication and find that I am more at peace. I highly recommend everyone to go attend one of Avishai's sessions as he is truly gifted. Thanks again Avishai, it was a pleasure to have met you and such a kind spirit at the right time. 
- Kim Troy

I wanted to thank you for the Soundshower. It was absolutely beautiful,cleansing connecting, deeply moving. I felt healed and renewed and returned to myself. I especially love it when you sing. The throat singing is great, but just the plain singing from your heart touched me even more deeply; it expresses such a deep connection to Love, a healing... like receiving reiki through the medium of sound, the same warmth of humanity channeling the healing. Thank you again for your integrity and the gift of your voice.
- Heather London

I wanted to share that it was an amazing experience for me – I was taken on a deep mind-body journey in which I passed through many emotional states and experienced many clarifying insights about the way to move forward in my healing. I am recovering from the mental illness of schizophrenia and your Soundshower did more for me than many months of psychotherapy and years of psycho-pharmacy! Thank you so much. I emerged from it feeling a deep peace and joy.
- Louisa Dent Pearce

Avishai Barnatan engineered and co-produced my debut solo album. He was a dream to work with! As well as his technical, engineering and musical expertise, he also offered endless patience, inspiration, moral support, great suggestions, sensitivity, total commitment to the project, all while exuding warmth and enthusiasm. His skills as an incredible musician inform his understanding of the processes of other artists too. My album was shaped really beautifully working together on this project with him. I am honoured to have worked with him. Thanks Avishai - love your work!
- Laura Targett

I have had the pleasure of co producing my debut album "The Wind" with Avishai, we worked for several weeks together on the pre production and then again in the studio. In that time I found him to be a very knowledgeable audio engineer extremely efficient and very adaptable.

His input as a producer was priceless, very devoted to each project, his ideas were very inspiring while never forceful and always attentive to the creative process of the artist. Avishai has the ability to hear a song or a musical piece from so many perspectives and use his skills to bring it out in the best possible way. 

After the recording of the album Avishai joined me with some of the musicians featuring on the album for a few shows around Australia, his experience as a live musician and arranger proved to be a great asset again.

We are about to embark on the recording of my second album - I couldn't think of a better person to work with and share this experience.
- Noam Blat

Avishai has many excellent attributes as a music producer...years of experience as a engineer/ producer/ musician, really committed to each project (110%) , brings the best out of the performers, great organiser, with an understanding of where the songwriters are coming from­ complimenting them with great compositional ideas, and a depth of personality that brings the heart and soul out of each song whilst keeping it light and fun. If you feel an obstacle during the recording process, Avishai will help you overcome it with an incredible amount of optimism, 'an everything's possible' attitude. We have happily worked with Avishai for 4 years and highly recommend him to all musicians who are ready to record.

- Jason & Rebekah, Vesica Pisces